This time of year it is both easy and difficult to find time to write. Easy, in that we’re not wanting to leave our warm, cozy desks to go outside and do something in the beautiful weather – because the weather isn’t. Difficult, in that it’s the holiday season and there are so many other demands on our focus and time.

I’m working hard to finish up Sid & Sin book 1, so while the tree is up, it is only half decorated. I finally got the garland lights hung in the kitchen and the ceramic tree set up in my office, so I’m counting it as a win.

Christmas lights in the kitchen

My goal is still to get Sid & Sin done by the 20th so my editor can finish it before her vacation starts, but that’s a lot of writing in a relatively short time with holiday stuff taking over.

Coffee fueled and fingers limber, there is a chance I’ll have this baby out and can move up the preorder date!