Writing, Scribbling, Editing, Oh, My!

I spent some time last month with going wide to help publish River Alder’s books. Caela’s Case is a free prequel to Soul Fates which is releasing on June 26th.

This month has been all about writing Shifter Secrets – Sid & Sin #3. I’m hoping to have it ready for a July release, but as usual, I’m being careful about promising. We’re still trying to get used to the new normal and things have been a bit difficult, but overall, we’re doing okay.

Take a look at River’s books – and pre-order Sid & Sin #3!

(Next up will be The Originals – Hybrid Chronicles #2)

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It’s all out there!

All of my books are now available on Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and soon Google Play. Sid & Sin #1 and Remembrance are free everywhere, or will be. (Remembrance is being hung up a bit in Amazon, but it’s free everywhere else.)

Hope this helps you all being able to find my books for the kinds of readers you prefer. Happy reading!

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Things are changing here at Graffridge Publishing/T.K. Eldridge author books. I’m no longer in Kindle Unlimited and I’m going to be going wide!

What does this mean? If you’ve already got one of the books in KU, it’ll stay there until you finish. I’ll still get paid per page read. But…my books will soon be available in Kobo, Apple, Google, Barnes & Noble, AND Amazon. This is a very good thing – more reach, more readers, more options.

Stay up to date by catching the newsletters that are now going out twice a month. Lots of new things coming your way!

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