This is what I’m working on right now – Dead & Buried. Jameson Kennedy and Michael Donovan are detectives with the Harbor City Police Department. They are also best friends. Then Michael dies – and comes back to help solve his murder.

“Hit the drive thru at Dunkies and let’s go. How did we ever solve a case when you were this out of it?” Mike asked and Jamie nearly jumped through the roof.
“Were you in the car all along?” Jamie asked, then shook his head and pulled out into traffic.
A large dark roast, cream and three sugars, and a box of assorted with at least two crullers in it, and Jamie was back on the road. “Shouldn’t we head to the scene instead of the station?” Jamie asked. He put his coffee in the cup holder, pulled out a random donut, then handed the box to Donovan. Jamie almost hit the car in front of him when the box landed on the floor.
“Come on, Mike, don’t drop the donuts all over my car, will ya?”
“Sorry,” Mike said. “We need to go to the station first so you can check what they’ve already pulled together.”
“Why would someone else have pulled anything on our case if we just caught it this morning?” Jamie asked.
“Because it’s not our case. Yet.”
He didn’t know if it was the high-octane coffee or the sugar rush, but Jamie slammed on his brakes and nearly got rear-ended by the truck behind him. He took a couple of quick breaths, then pulled over to the side of the road and put the car in park.
He had just remembered.
“You’re dead.”
“I know I’m dead. We need to solve my murder,” Mike said.
“But you’re dead.”
“Yes, I’m well aware. Now are you going to go to the station and check the file or what?”

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