First step!

Last night I finished the writing part of Revenge – book three. Printed out the pages and clipped a red pen to them, and set them aside. Today and tomorrow will be editing on my end where my editor works on it on her end.

My book designer is traveling for five days and since I dumped the “Hey, I need all the covers redone” on her, my cover won’t be ready until next week. I’ll get the editing done and format the whole thing and then when the cover is done I can get this puppy up on Amazon for all of you!

Coming up after that will be the box set/omnibus of The Descendants – just in time for holiday shopping.

My new series is next up – Sid & Sin, a paranormal police academy story – then Jericho (Hybrid Chronicles) – then maybe more Sid & Sin, then more on the Hybrid Chronicles…lots to do!


Author of paranormal murder mystery and urban fantasy stories.

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