Booktober 2022

There is a chill in the air and the scent of pumpkin spice on the wind. So take a seat by our fireside, my pretties, because Booktober is back.

All Hallow’s Eve is when our bookish fantasies come to life. This spicy paranormal romance collection is packed full of spooky twists and tantalizing turns. Each page will suck you deeper into a world filled with vampires and demons–shifters, aliens and witches, too.

Join us as we discover the sexy creatures lurking in the shadows who will raise the hair on your arms and warm your blood to boiling.

All intimate scenes in this book are consensual, however, the depictions of adult activity may be graphic. As such, this anthology is for an adult audience only. 18+ readers.

All proceeds will be donated in support of the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

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Saved by the Everyday Hero

PREORDER - Releases Aug 1, 2023

The hero next door is exactly what the doctor ordered to mend these wounded hearts.

Some of us may dream of knights in shining armor, but in this limited edition romance collection our characters learn that the blue collar, everyday heroes are the ones who will rescue their wounded hearts and sweep them off their feet.

From the heat that's felt being near a fireman, to the thrill of being with a police officer who knows their way around some handcuffs, this collection will have readers seeing that the real happily ever after might come from the hero next door.

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Monster Hunters

PREORDER - Releases Sept 26, 2023

When you make your living on the open road fighting monsters, love is barely in the rearview mirror.

With family lore and urban legends as their guide, hunters track banshees through bogs, exorcise demons, and try to find the best dry cleaner to get pixie dust out of their favorite jacket.

Finding out you’re fated to fall in love with the monsters you’re meant to destroy is just adding insult to injury. Falling in love with your best friend who’s also a monster hunter is almost as bad, and that incident with the cursed object and the succubus doesn’t even bear mentioning.

Follow these hunters in this action packed anthology filled with your favorite authors as they defend humanity from creatures that go bump in the night and find love along the way.

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Rejected by the Immortal

PREORDER - Releases Sept 19, 2023

In the dark streets of the city, immortal vampire kings stalk the shadows. Centuries of power have built their empires, but nothing can slake their thirst for blood—or passion.

In this world vampires are cursed to spend eternity alone and passion is strictly forbidden.
A vampire’s fated mate brings them new powers, but before they revel in their new power they first face even greater weakness, which only a few survive and even less are willing to try.

Rejecting their mates is a matter of business and survival.
For those few mates who are brave enough to give into the dangerous allure of a vampire mate, they will break all laws of society to be with their true loves but most immortal bloodlines are centuries deep. Is their love enough to break the curse? Only time will tell...

Grab this rejected mates collection featuring vampires and other creatures of the night before it disappears into the shadows.

All NET author proceeds benefiting the American Red Cross. It's a blood pun too good to ignore

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A Dream of Beasts & Sorcery

Whether they are allies or enemies, sparks fly between these witches and shifters.
A Dream of Beasts and Sorcery brings together 10+ tantalizing tales of paranormal romance in this epic collection of enthralling books penned by bestselling and award-winning authors.

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