Bishop – A Chess Club Mystery #3


Some promises were made to be broken.

For Logan McMann, family was complicated. He’d left Lakeridge, North Carolina when he finished high school and never considered moving back – until his chosen family asked for his help.
A life built on promises and vows, Logan finds himself on shaky ground as he leaves the priesthood and takes up the mantle of behavioral psychologist for the FBIS. It’s a fresh start, a new beginning, and a place of his own to heal his shattered heart – until it’s interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected roommate.
Hudson Hayes had lost his family and nearly his life. Then Red Jefferson brought him to North Carolina and gave him a new place to settle in and heal his body and spirit, and a renewed purpose as part of the team.
Neither Logan nor Hudson want the situation they’re stuck in, but they are both needed to help take down the organization behind the deaths of Wes Davenport – and Hudson’s sister and nephew. Forced to deal with each other, they soon find that chosen family can fill the empty spaces, and help heal broken hearts.

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