Breaking News – Ghost-Talker Series #1


The past just won’t leave her alone.

Evangeline “Van” Beaujolais was one of Universal Press’s best journalists, traveling the globe with her photographer, Liam Grant. She had a brilliant career, a beautiful condo in Seattle that she shared with the love of her life, Marcus Weatherby, and friends that made up her chosen family.
An assignment to cover a local music festival ended in tragedy, and Van walked away from it all. Marcus’ death broke something in her that Van thought could never be made right.
Now, haunted by more than just her grief, Van falls under the guidance of her psychotherapist, Dr. Arabella Hadley, to uncover the reason why she can’t lay Marcus’ literal ghost to rest.
Liam Grant and her chosen family had never given up on her, and Marcus won’t either. Not until she overcomes the dark shadow of mourning and seizes her place among the living.

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