Knight – A Chess Club Mystery #2


Keeping promises can be deadly.

Chase Payne is on the right track to letting go of his past. He left his job to go back home; not just to bury a friend, Wes Davenport, but to hold a promise he fully intended to keep.
Corruption, scandal, terror, and loss have plagued Lakeridge for too long, and the region’s top FBIS agent has asked the Chess Club to work together to fix the mess. For Chase, that means putting his past demons to rest and focusing on the future.
Considering he’d never felt he deserved any kind of future, this homecoming challenges him in ways he never saw coming. Not to mention the competition with Lieutenant Cassidy Redbird for sheriff. On more than one front, Chase really has his work cut out for him.
But how much of his past can he let go of, and what happens if he can’t?

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