Trials & Treaties – The Winthrop Literary (& Magic) Society #2


It’s been over twenty years since the pandemic woke magic in some – and drove others to violence.
Bader Winthrop and her eclectic family own the Winthrop Literary Society bookstore, and live in the attached residence. Always a resource for good information, the shop grew into a place where people could get answers – or find a safe haven.
Approaching fifty, Bader starts to question her purpose and focus in life. Is this it? Is this all she’s meant to do? To be?
Bishop’s Bay was founded by Bader’s ancestors when they escaped the Salem Trials, and the house they built is now part business/part home – and sentient. When the house gives Bader an ancient journal, she realizes the political climate in Bishop’s Bay is oddly reminiscent of Salem during the Trials. Even moreso when one adds in the rise of a new political party that wants to remove those with magic from the world.
Or do they?

When old hatreds and jealousies arise, it’s up to Bader to gather her allies and fight for her family, her home, her town – and herself.

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