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Court in Session EBOOK

Court in Session EBOOK

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All the shattered pieces of his life are resurfacing.

Wyatt Hill is a lawyer with his fingers in every pie. He lived his life for his job and the expectations of his peers, ultimately driving his marriage with the weary and neglected Mischa into the dirt. After a painful divorce, Wyatt had tried to reconnect with his only child by taking them to a music festival to see her favorite band. His attempt to reconcile ended with the last bit of light in his life ripped from the world too soon.

Now he must cope with the grief and guilt of losing sixteen-year-old Everly, while his eyes are being opened to the mistakes of his past. The pain is eating him alive... and the world is not content to allow him his misery as it shoves unsettling reminders of his beautiful daughter in his face.

Everly isn't ready to let him give up. When his estranged ex-wife shows up at his door looking for solace in their shared storm, can they fight together to survive the wreckage of their life and find their way back to peace?

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