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King (EBOOK)

King (EBOOK)

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Zach worried about bringing more trouble home when he got back to Lakeridge, North Carolina. He shouldn't have been, since it was the same trouble the Chess Club team had been dealing with for months. Zach hadn't realized just how connected it all was. Corporate espionage, diplomatic entanglements, and the ability to disrupt everything both on and off planet hangs in the balance.

Being an ambassador's kid was one way to see the world. Being an investigative reporter was another, and Zach was more comfortable moving than putting down roots, but that's what he finds himself doing as the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

To complicate matters, Zach finds himself caught between an old flame and a new. Felicity Kane, a fellow reporter, feels Zach owes her for her part in helping with the case. Serafina Morgan doesn't want anything to do with the arrogant man who haunts her bookstore.

While the Chess Club team works to bring the powerful to justice, Zach has to decide if he's going to stay, or run away once more.

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