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Rook (EBOOK)

Rook (EBOOK)

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Chess Club Mysteries - Book One  ON SALE NOW THROUGH FEB 8th

Billionaire logistics magnate Grant Foster hasn't been back to Lakeridge, North Carolina in over a dozen years. Not since his father's funeral.
Now he's back for another funeral - one for his old high-school friend, Wes Davenport.

Most people wouldn’t understand why Grant and Wes would be friends, but their high school Chess club became family until their teacher was murdered two weeks before graduation. That had broken something, and they all scattered far and wide - except for Wes, who'd stayed in Lakeridge.

Now Wes is dead and the Club is returning to bury their friend - and help figure out who killed him.

For Grant, coming home brings back a lot of memories and a lot of pain. All the money in the world can't fix that, or the loneliness in his life. He'd let himself forget what family truly meant and being back with his Club brothers is a sharp reminder.

Will coming back heal what's broken in him, or break him worse than before?


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