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Saoirse (EBOOK)

Saoirse (EBOOK)

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Saoirse didn't know about monsters outside of the Celtic mythology her father adored - until the day it all came apart. Then she learned about a whole branch of her family she never knew existed.

Trained in the Grove, the facility run by her maternal line, Sair becomes one of the best Hunters they've ever seen, thanks to training her parents had given her - while they called it something else.

She learned quickly how to hunt those that used humans as prey and gained a reputation for effective and efficient work. That reputation brought her into SIN and now she works with some of the very monsters she used to hunt in order to protect those that never need to know about what walks in the shadows.

Her career is going great, her boyfriend visits enough for her to feel appreciated, and she's about to get promoted when she meets Ronan, a renegade witch doing his best to protect his community. He is a complication Sair does not need. 

Will she take the risk or reject him and walk away? 

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