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Sid & Sin Collection - Book One (EBOOK)

Sid & Sin Collection - Book One (EBOOK)

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This compilation includes The Chosen - a novella, and Sid & Sin 1, 2, & 3: Induction, Fae MisFortunes, & Shifter Secrets.

The Chosen
Someone's killing witches and it's up to the Supernatural Police Department of Belle Cove to find the killer.
Andre Boudreau is a star detective with a less than stellar partner in Zeke Clairmont. Both of them are shifters, so when they find another dead witch, they call in one of the department's best investigators, Amelia Fortin.
Things take on a whole new level of complication when Andre meets Amelia and sparks fly.
This is a prologue story to the Sid & Sin series.

They weren't supposed to exist.
Sidonie & Sinclair Boudreau were the offspring of a witch and a shifter. Such pairings usually resulted in death. Sid & Sin had not only survived, but thrived, and managed to sidestep the family legacy of supernatural policing.
The disappearance of their parents changed everything. A cryptic message, an ancient prophecy, and a mystery to uncover in order to bring their parents home puts the twins in the crosshairs of an enemy they didn't know existed.
What would you do to save those you loved?

Fae MisFortunes:
It's their first case.
Sid & Sin are tasked to find the missing kids.
Then they hear that this has happened before.
To one of their family. 140 years ago.
Kids with a fae bloodline are being taken, and one may be Sin's future son.
How is a guy supposed to plan his future with the perfect woman when her son is missing?
The twins are racing the clock to keep the past from imploding the present in this tale of old hatreds, jealousy, power, love, and the strength of family.

Shifter Secrets:
Sid and Sin, as usual, have a lot going on. Pranks against the shifters have escalated to vandalism, with each new incident pushing the risks higher. Old feuds are resurfacing, and when your family lives for centuries, old feuds can get very old indeed. And Grandma Fortin has given Micah and his stepson Nico a place to stay since home is where, when you show up, they have to take you in. Lovely. Sarcasm intended.
Sid doesn't have time for his games, but Nico is more than willing to play. The more he's around, the harder it is to stay focused as she and Sin race the clock trying to stop the saboteur before the shifters, and every other supernatural in Belle Cove, are outed to the world, all while trying to keep the centuries-old family politics in the past where it belongs.


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