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Sid & Sin Collection: Book One (HARDCOVER w/JACKET)

Sid & Sin Collection: Book One (HARDCOVER w/JACKET)

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This compilation includes The Chosen, and Sid & Sin 1, 2, & 3: Induction, Fae MisFortunes, & Shifter Secrets 

A family of paranormal witches and shifters with a history of supernatural policing have been given a prophecy. They've lived in, and protected, the New England town of Belle Cove for centuries as witches, shifters, and other supernaturals found their way to the safety offered in the coastal town. 

Twins Sidonie and Sinclair Boudreau had almost avoided becoming cops, but instead of celebrating their college graduation, they found themselves facing an enemy they didn't know existed. 

From missing children to old family feuds, the twins deal with family secrets, politics, and the need to protect and serve the supernatural community - and their own family. 

What would you do to save those you loved?

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