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Sid & Sin Collection - Book Two (EBOOK)

Sid & Sin Collection - Book Two (EBOOK)

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This is a compilation from the Sid & Sin series. It contains two novellas as well as novels 4&5. Sett's Salvation, Witching Ways, Mythic Mysteries, and Mystery at the Bard & Board.

Sett's Salvation:
Sett Fortin’s boss sent her on a working vacation. Do one thing, then enjoy the rest of the two weeks. Sett doesn’t do vacations, or travel. She works. All the time. Supernatural Police Agent Cosette Fortin never stops being a cop.
Then she discovered New Orleans – and in her first twenty-four hours, everything changed. A new cousin, a new case, and now she has to learn about vampires.
Of course, the local SPD agents don’t take kindly to an interloper – particularly Agent Lucia Landry.
Yet, Lucia and Sett find they have more in common than not, and when Sett’s past comes calling, they have to learn to trust in order to survive.

Witching Ways:
Sid & Sin are learning some life lessons.
Sin has discovered that life is a whole lot different when you have a baby.
It's even more complex when that baby is showing magical abilities way too early.
Sid is finding out how much fun it can be to juggle multiple partners.
Fun being the objective, that is.
Witches are rising up against the Faery folk.
They're blaming the disruptions in their magic on the fae.
It's entirely possible they're correct in their blame.
Or are they?
Something is screwing with the balance of magic in the Belle Cove area and it's causing chaos.
The twins have a lot of chaos going on in their own lives right now - will they be able to step up once again?

Mythic Mysteries:
Belle Cove needs the Mythics in order for the magic to balance.
Not everyone is willing to play nice.
The last time all four races openly lived with humans, there had been less than a hundred people in the region. Now there were hundreds of thousands.
The Supernatural Police need to to step up their game if they're going to keep a semblance of peace in the region and not have every single non-human suddenly exposed to the whole world.
This is Sid & Sin's legacy. It's what the prophecy spoke about.
Are they ready - and able - to answer the call?

Mystery at the Bard & Board:
Life as a refugee from Faery is a lot of hard work and study.
For Mira, her days are spent between school and her uncle's bar - until the family connections between the small crew are shattered in the worst way.
A girl has to be careful who she holds tight to when it all falls apart.


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