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Sid & Sin Collection: Book Two (HARDCOVER w/JACKET)

Sid & Sin Collection: Book Two (HARDCOVER w/JACKET)

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This is a compilation from the Sid & Sin series. It contains two novellas as well as novels 4&5. Sett's Salvation, Witching Ways, Mythic Mysteries, and Mystery at the Bard & Board.

Sidonie and Sinclair Boudreau continue the family legacy of supernatural policing in the New England coastal town of Belle Cove. A town their family has been a part of for centuries.  

Time and again, the past and the present collide. Family secrets, politics, and the general chaos of life come up against the events unfolding as the prophecy proclaimed. 

When the risks and dangers threaten to expose the supernaturals to the world, the legacy of the prophecy is finally understood.

Are they ready - and able - to answer the call?

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