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The Devil Inside (PAPERBACK)

The Devil Inside (PAPERBACK)

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This book contains the novella - Daredevils - as well as the novel - The Devil Inside


In the prologue to the Hughes Investigations Series, Caela and Ian discover a pattern. 
Cases that seem solitary and random, may well not be. 
Still relatively new at the PI job, Caela takes risks she might later regret.

The Devil Inside

Caela wasn't a 'nice' girl. 
As a PI for her father's firm, Caela Hughes had been trained by the best. Now she was the best. 

The mystery client wanted to know what Mykos Adamos was up to, and Caela was hired to find out.

A rich playboy, son of a Greek tycoon, Mykos went from the darling of the paparazzi to the man girls were warned to avoid. What tragedy had turned the playboy into a bad boy? What was he doing, socializing with Saudi princes known for their exotic tastes, or European jet-setters who played in the shadows?

What happens when death stalks Caela and those around her, threatening to bring it all tumbling down?


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