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The Partners in Crime Collection: Books 1-6 (EBOOK)

The Partners in Crime Collection: Books 1-6 (EBOOK)

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This volume contains all six books in the Partners in Crime series.

Dead & Buried
Detectives Kennedy and Donovan were partners for years. Then one of them died.
And yet, they're still partners.
Kennedy has to solve Donovan's death while his partner's ghost helps him. Sort of.
How do you explain where you got the tips?
How do you avoid showing them that you're speaking to thin air and no, you haven't lost your mind?
Kennedy has to hide how he's figuring it all out so he can keep his badge and solve the murder - before he ends up dead and buried too.

Dead Wrong
A teenage boy is murdered and it's up to Jamie and Jack to solve the case. Well, okay - Jamie, Jack, and the ghost of Michael Donovan.
Jack left her last job under peculiar circumstances and now she's doing her best to hold on to her new job without it all blowing up in her face.
What are the odds that the only person that could possibly understand her situation would end up being her new partner?
How do the two of them explain where some of their information comes from, when the person giving it to them is the murder victim?
They'd better be right when they finally find the answers because it's fatal to be dead wrong.

Dead to Rights
Someone had killed Melly Warren.
Melly herself had let them know when Mike brought her to meet Jack & Jamie. She knew that her killer had most likely been her husband. Seemed like a simple case, right? Domestic violence, arrest the husband, case closed.
Not so much. When Jack and Jamie think they’ve got the case in the bag, everything gets upended with a twist even Mike didn’t see coming.
Just when you think you’ve got the killer dead to rights, you find out there’s a whole lot more going on and the list of dead - and killers - gets a whole lot longer.

Dead Reckoning
They'd been warned.
Jack and Jamie knew that being a voice for the dead, finding justice for those who died too soon, was risky.
People were asking questions that they couldn't answer - not truthfully.
Then the wrong people started asking questions and everything Jack and Jamie had worked so hard to set up was about to come tumbling down.
Enemies and allies can change sides, leaving a person feeling lost at sea.
Then again, when one is navigating uncharted territory, there's always a chance for a dead reckoning.

Dead Ringer
Jack and Jamie are called to a hundred-year-old murder scene where they find two skeletons, and one ghost-Patrick Kennedy. Talk about a cold case! But this one hits a little close to home.
Patrick was Jamie's great-great-grandfather's twin, and some say they're dead ringers for each other.
When a second case lands in their lap, with another ghost seeking justice, the complications add up. A murdered young woman needs answers that Jack, Jamie, Mike, and the rest of the team are determined to find.
Families, chosen and blood, can bring out the best - and the worst - in people. A ring stolen from a dead woman's hand, a family curse, corruption of power, and mounting injustice bind two opposing forces across a century.
Now, the team has to find answers, for themselves and for the dead, before the killer strikes again.

Dead Heat
When the team is called to a scene outside the high school with multiple deaths, they knew it was going to be bad. Truck versus protest never came out in favor of the protestors.
When the driver is the cousin of your Lieutenant's wife, you hustle to the scene.
Then he tells you a 'shadow man' made him do it, and things get -very- interesting.
A dark entity is stirring up trouble in Harbor, and it's going to take everything the team's got to take this one down and keep the supernatural from becoming public.
The race against time is a dead heat between the team and the entity - and there's no guarantee the team will win.
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