Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing as best as can be expected with the chaos going on. I’ve been doing my best to stay focused on the writing because that, at least, is something I can pretend I control – and it’s a positive step forward.

With that being said – I’m still fairly new at this indie author gig. I’m learning as I go – and I have some great mentors who are much more experienced than I who have been helping me along.

I had set up the River Alder pen name to keep my romantic suspense separate from my paranormal, supernatural suspense stuff. Well – it’s not working out that way.

Firstly – the stuff I’m writing isn’t really romantic suspense – it’s the thriller genre with some romance. How’d I figure it out? By reading a LOT of thriller books and realizing I was writing the same thing.

So, River Alder pen name is going away. I’m reworking the two books I had done under that name – giving them new titles and covers – and putting them under T.K. Eldridge as thrillers. I’ll share the new covers and titles with you soon.

Also – still working on The Originals. I know a lot of you are eager to get your hands on the second in the Hybrid Chronicles series after reading Jericho – and it’s being written, I promise.

Stay tuned for more updates as things progress!