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T.K. Eldridge

T.K. Eldridge retired from a career in Intelligence for the US Gov’t to write. The experiences from then are now being used to feed the muse for paranormal romance, thrillers, supernatural, and urban fantasy stories. When they’re not writing, they are enjoying life in the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina. Two dogs, two cats, a garden, a craft hobby, and a love of Celtic Traditional music keep them from spending too much time at the computer.

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I was three when I watched my mother die.

Now I’m back in Muckle Cove digging into her murder.

They say coming home is never easy, but what I’m finding goes so much deeper than anyone could have imagined.
Ancient magic, modern politics, and my mother’s ghost all point to some truth in the past that could change my present forever.

If it doesn’t kill me first…

Grab this first in the five-star series that readers say “…makes you believe in magic!”

They weren’t supposed to exist.
Sidonie & Sinclair Boudreau were the offspring of a witch and a shifter. Such pairings usually resulted in death.
Sid & Sin had not only survived, but thrived, and managed to sidestep the family legacy of supernatural policing.
The disappearance of their parents changed everything. A cryptic message, an ancient prophecy, and a mystery to uncover in order to bring their parents home puts the twins in the crosshairs of an enemy they didn’t know existed.

What would you do, to save those you loved?
Fans of paranormal mysteries will love this fast-paced, five star ride!

He had made the ultimate sacrifice…only he wasn’t really dead.

He signed their forms. He accepted their diagnosis. He welcomed the treatment.

He changed his name and disappeared.

Now he is treated as less than human. A pet, held in the Facility until he and his team are let loose on a government-sanctioned target.

Except this next target isn’t some terrorist or criminal – it’s a teenage girl on US soil, along with the woman who stole his heart.

Jericho and his team may be a different kind of soldier, but they still hold to their moral codes and honor. Going against a direct order is not something they would normally consider…

But nothing about this team is normal.

Detectives Kennedy and Donovan were partners for years. Then one of them died.
And yet, they’re still partners.
Kennedy has to solve Donovan’s death while his partner’s ghost helps him. Sort of.
How do you explain where you got the tips?
How do you avoid showing them that you’re speaking to thin air and no, you haven’t lost your mind?
Kennedy has to hide how he’s figuring it all out so he can keep his badge and solve the murder – before he ends up dead and buried too.

This story is absolutely amazing ! Perfect meshing of amazing worldbuilding and exceptional character development bring the story to life as you read!

– Z.Zir


This book was phenomenal! I’m generally fairly picky about what I read, but Sid and Sin pulled me into their world, and I stayed willingly. From the realistic side characters to the believable bad guys and their motives, and everything in between, this story was a spectacular read.

 – R. Sutherland


Great characters? Check. Great storyline? Double check. Well written, leaves you wanting more, more, more? Knocked that one out of the park! Seriously, it’s a great read, and you will surely be anxious for the next installment

– CGS Ball