Jolene – The Supernatural Intelligence Network #2


When loving someone is life or death.

Jolene is the name she uses now – but she’s had many names. Joan, Josephine, Johanna…yet she’s always been just “Jo” to those she let get close.
Name changes are part of one’s existence when one is an intelligence operative – and when one is a vampire.
One of the founding members of SIN – the Supernatural Intelligence Network, Jo spends her days helping to keep supernaturals under the radar of the general public – among other things.
When friendship turns to something more, Jo is out of her depth. Fated mates mean death for most vampires, and Jo cannot have any weakness – not if SIN is going to survive. The needs of the many outweigh her own desires, or do they?
Can one fight fate? Or will it mean the end of SIN?

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