Shifter Secrets – Sid & Sin #3


Sid and Sin, as usual, have a lot going on. Pranks against the shifters have escalated to vandalism, with each new incident pushing the risks higher. Old feuds are resurfacing, and when your family lives for centuries, old feuds can get very old indeed. And Grandma Fortin has given Micah and his stepson Nico a place to stay since home is where, when you show up, they have to take you in. Lovely. Sarcasm intended.

Sid doesn’t have time for his games, but Nico is more than willing to play. The more he’s around, the harder it is to stay focused as she and Sin race the clock trying to stop the saboteur before the shifters, and every other supernatural in Belle Cove, are outed to the world, all while trying to keep the centuries-old family politics in the past where it belongs.

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