Saoirse – The Supernatural Intelligence Network #4


Life path or fated mate? Which would you choose?
Saoirse knew nothing of monsters beyond the Celtic mythology her father adored. Until the day it all imploded. After losing everything she loved, Saoirse quickly became one of the best Hunters the Grove had ever seen.
Now, as part of the elite Supernatural Intelligence Network, she teams up with some of the very monsters she used to hunt. It is her life’s mission to protect those that never need to know what walks in the shadows.
Sent to the mountains of North Carolina on a case, Saoirse meets Ronan, a renegade witch doing his best to protect his community. A fated mate – something she doesn’t even believe in- is a complication she does not need.
Will she accept the gift Fate has offered her? Or will she stay true to the vows she made and keep to her mission to protect humanity from those that see them as prey?

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